Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phil Brown Benefit Concert and Auction

Our friend Phil Brown is being treated for cancer.  Phil is an incredible woodcarver and musician.  His friends  and family are holding a Benefit Concert and Auction at the Folk Art Center this Sunday.  Please come and join us all!

We've gotten to know Phil and Gay more and more since our first Guild Fair.  Their whole family are very very special people and we think the world of them.

Phi and Gay during the Guild Fair last October.

We made this pendant for the auction this Sunday.
The bronze fern is life cast, using the techniques I've been developing over the last few years.  Pat set the gorgeous labradorite in a  handmade step bezel.

To tell the story behind this very special pendant we made this card:
Tom and Pat Bauman made this pendant for the Phil Brown Benefit Concert and Auction, held at the Folk Art Center on May 22nd 2011.

At the October 2010 Guild Fair Tom and Phil were taking a break together and talking.  When Tom told Phil that all their ferns were fading as the weather changed Phil looked at him and said, as only Phil can, "Well son, can't you just freeze 'em?"

Of course being Phil he was right!  This fern was life cast in bronze using one of the ferns we froze right after that Guild Fair.  We made this labradorite pendant to celebrate and honor our friend Phil Brown.

We hope that you will wear and enjoy it for many years to come and that it will remind you of the beauty of friendship.
 ~ Tom & Pat Bauman


  1. I hope your pendant brings a whooping sum!

  2. Thanks Terry. Phil and Gay and their whole family are pretty special people!!!