Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Custom Update

It's been another busy week for us!  Monday Pat delivered this custom piece.
Designed to our client's specifications.  Three different textures, sterling silver and bronze with a bezel set 3.5 mm diamond, then patinated.  It turned out exactly as she had hoped!

Tuesday was another trip to Gatlinburg and Arrowcraft.  The Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival planning meeting went well.  After the meeting I took a couple of minutes to tour the new penguin exhibit.  Next time I'm taking the camera!  It was pretty amazing.

Then across the street with Craig to join Pat and Laurel at Arrowcraft.  Goodness, we'd just delivered new work and they need more already!  Eek!

We grabbed a quick lunch then stopped at Greenbriars before heading home.
Pat being inspired by the river.
Moss, beautiful inspiring moss.
Of course you have to take your shoes off!
Last weekend, when I was mulching the perennial bed, I accidentally scared the dickens out of this beautiful little guy before I knew he was there.  Wildlife in the yarden is always a good sign!  Eat those nasty bugs pretty little snake!
I got lucky, some of my favorites of the Tulipia kaufmannia were in the new mix!
I seem to be straying from posting about work lately.  I certainly have lots more recent photos, but then again, it is Spring!  It's been a pretty good week.  We have lots of work to do.  Some interesting custom commissions are coming up.  I've been spending every evening in the yarden, puttering around potting up new plants and relaxing.

Tonight we'll be at the Folk Art Center for the New Guild Members' Reception.  It's in the Main Gallery upstairs, where the stunning exhibit of The Life and Works of Charles Counts is.  It will be a lot of Fun to meet some of the new members and we're both looking forward to re-visiting the exhibit!

Saturday we'll be at the Guild's 80th Annual Meeting, at the Blue Ridge Assembly.  It promises to be a good meeting!  Then it's off to dinner and the party at Bryson Gym at Warren Wilson College!  Busy and Fun days indeed!