Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reflections and the Perfect Rissotto!

Because of the rock slide on I-40 we made the trip to Gatlinburg yesterday by the old 25-70 route.  It was a beautiful drive and only took us about an extra thirty minutes.  As always it was wonderful to have a chance to talk with Craig and Emily and Laurel.  And to get Laurel's reaction to our new Reflections pendant!

This Reflections pendant features an oval Ridgelines cast in Sterling Silver and oxidized.  The stream pebble is coated so that it will always be shiny-wet looking, then it is set in Sterling step-bezel.  The lichen was windfall gathered from our yard.  We both have always loved and admired the wonderful textures and shapes of the lichens in our mountains.  Tom was so inspired by the special pieces that had been falling at his feet that he developed a new technique that allows him to cast them perfectly.  (If he hadn't they would end up mulched by the city of Asheville!)  The Pearl adds the perfect compliment to the colors of the pendant.

When we left Arrowcraft we stopped at Greenbriar, an amazing part of the Great Smokies National Park, right outside of Gatlinburg.  We had a picnic and a wonderful walk through the faery land beside the river.  For once our trilliums are up first!  We were so overwhelmed that we didn't take any photos.  But here is one from a visit there last April.

On our way back home that last night we stopped in Marshall . . .  It's been years since either of us had been to Marshall.  It was amazing!  The town has stayed small, but it looks to be thriving.  We were lucky enough to discover the Bacchus Bistro.

The Chicken Marsala came with the best Risotto Parmigiano we've ever had.  It was stunning.  It was also the perfect ending for a perfect day!