Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of Work!

We haven't posted because we've been so busy making jewelry!  Well, we have been eating lunch in the yarden and I've been outside when I can in the evenings.

I'll be posting our new pieces after the weekend.  Hillary's Mother's pendant turned out wonderfully.  We'll be delivering it to her early next week.  We'll also be delivering a major body of work to Allanstand at the Folk Art Center.  Tuesday we'll take at least a few more pieces to Laurel at Arrowcraft in Gatlinburg.  (At the moment Arrowcraft has the best selection of our work.  But at the rate they are selling . . .)

Since Terry had "another dirty snow storm" yesterday,
a couple of our wood hyacinths in bloom with ferns just unfurling behind them!

Spent cherry blossom petals on our moss.

Now, we're off to see David and Denay and Gwen and Thomas!!!