Sunday, September 12, 2010

"It's A Question Of Lifestyle . . . . . . . " or Love's Labour Found, Part I.

I can't remember just how many years ago it was, but I can still very clearly remember that when Pat and I expressed amazement at Terry and Dave's work and barn schedules my Dear Sister patiently explained that, "It's a question of lifestyle . . . "

For years I would hear her voice say, "It's a question of lifestyle . . ." Sometimes I bristled when those words would float, all unbidden, through my mind.

We're A Matched Pair
Balloon Flowers June 29, 2010.

Pat and I woke to a wonderfully cool and drizzly morning.  A chorus of crickets and other buggies were serenading us and suddenly, somehow, we knew deep-down-inside that Fall is coming. Fall is coming and it's Market Day! Despite the wet (like my Father before me, I melt) we headed out ~ telling ourselves that maybe it wasn't raining as hard on the other side of Beaucatcher Mountain. And, well, frankly, I was in the grip of a Fall Compulsion. (Pat really can be so patient with me.)

The North Asheville Tailgate Market, at UNCA, is our favorite. (The trees and the tents and canopies, and our hats, kept most of the drizzle off.) Actually it's the only Market we go to now: though the Wednesday Weaverville Tailgate Market, at Lake Louise, would probably fit into our schedule . . .

The sweet couple at Country Fields Farm came up aces! Our first stop almost satisfied my Fall-driven compulsion. We also came home with some more great spinach pasta made by Pasta Momma; a perfect fresh Garlic Dill Goat Chevre made by Spinning Spider Creamery (incredible on the Spelt loaf from Annie's bakery we picked up Friday ~ ah heck, it's incredible on anything!); delicious Lion's Mane mushrooms from the Mushroom Lady;

some perfect locally grown organic garlic;
(small platter by Hank Goodman,
purchased at the 2009 Guild Artists' Sale)

and these irresistible local organic onions.
(Bowl by Dede Vergot; gift of the artist many years ago.)

It was a good Market run.

We stopped at Ingles on our way home for a couple of necessities, and for a few more essential ingredients to satisfy my "compulsion".  Fall really is coming.

I'm pretty sure that Terry will still tell you that, "It's a question of lifestyle . . ."  It's that simple.  And, so many years later, Pat and I find ourselves repeating her truth to ourselves more often as each Fall passes.

It is a question of lifestyle.

More of today's Fall Adventure, tomorrow, in "It's A Question Of Lifestyle . . . "  or Love's Labour Found, Part II.