Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Work & The Missing Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!!

Here's the 2nd of our Ridgelines' Reflections series inspired by Lichen!

For this pendant we patinated the bronze then re-polished the highlights to emphasize the incredible textures.  Then we sealed the bronze, as we did the river stone.

And, again, here's the first in this series

This is our latest Ridgelines pendant featuring two really nice Blue Topaz.

Somehow I've changed our camera's settings, so I'll have to post our newest earring designs later.  Tomorrow I'll invest and burnout the two flasks of Ridgelines elements I have ready.  We'll also be placing a large materials order.  Once I have a chance to re-read the camera's instructions I'll photograph all of our latests pieces again.  Until then . . .

Spring Really Is Coming!!!

Oh.  "The Misssing Day"?  That's because I haven't a clue where today went!!!