Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching Up . . .

Hmmm . . .  Somehow I've gotten behind on our postings (again)!  So to quickly recap, here are Heidi and David's Custom Gold and Sterling Wedding Rings.  So, here they are side by size, before their final buffing!

Two views of David's Wedding Ring.

A top down view of Heidi's Wedding Ring.

We meet them at the Folk Art Center.  They both love their rings.  We had a very pleasant time talking before the two pairs of us wandered through Allanstand checking out all of the wonderful work.  It turns out that Heidi collects pottery too!  I don't know if either of us will ever figure it out, but David and I both feel very strongly that we've meet somewhere, some place at some time . . .

Later that night Inky really wanted a Mom Cuddle ~ right now!  I took spme pretty funny photos of him maneuvering himself into position.  But I think this final one sums it all up best.  Pat has a good book to read, a cat to cuddle, and Inky is finally right where he belongs!