Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching Up!

I spent the weekend and part of Monday battling such bad connection speeds that I wasn't able to keep up with our posts!  (Also know as, "Argh!")  Lets see, where were we ?

Pat got David's ring to this point before passing it on to me.  Normally we construct the Ridgelines in metal.  For this project we're making them using techniques I developed a number of years ago.  In one way or another I've always been a modeller, so using styrene is very natural for me.  Here's a view of how the Ridgelines look roughed it in styrene plastic.

I spent a good part of Monday smoothing the ends of each joint and luteing the stryene then spruing and investing this ring.  Of course I forgot to take a single photo of that step, which is a shame because it was really looking good then.  Once it's cast we'll carve the tops of the Ridgeliens into curving surfaces.  Then a couple of more steps and David's wedding ring will be finished!

Here's a view of V's special order all sprued up and ready to be invested.  I cast it Monday afternoon, running the burnout cycle while I worked on David's wax.

Late Friday afternoon my cousin Susan visited on here way back home.  It's always nice to see Susan!  Though we might have been a bit boring, since all we had to talk about was work.  Susan did enjoy looking through some of the recent photos and our flip book.

We had planned to visit our friends David and Melanie Grant at the Dillsboro Pottery Festival Saturday.  But we got started late.  By the time Pat got home from delivering to Weaverville it had tuned into a beautiful day and promised to get even prettier.  So we decided to stay home and plant bulbs!

So, of course, we went to Lowe's to see what they still had.  No luck there, so on to The Home Depot.  Bingo!  We picked up a couple of new packs of crocus, 6o more in total and a couple of bags of mulch.  I had to get three of the incredible, and edible, red mustards they had too!

Then we stopped at Ingles for lunch and dinner supplies.  And I rediscovered their bulbs!  Hmmm . . .  the 'wild tulips' looks exactly like the Tulipa kaufmanniana that I so love ~ and lost when I re-did the sidewalk bed a couple of years ago.  So we got a couple of boxes of them too!

96 bulbs in a small area in the sidewalk bed, 60 crocus and 36 of the tulips.

Top planted with blue pansies.  I think this should be pretty spectacular in the Spring!

It seems fitting that over the weekend I rediscovered this photo of Okay, my favorite, in one of his favorite spots about a month or so before his final illness.  He was a Great Cat and I still miss him.