Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mountain Morning For Jennifer & Ellen!

Mountain Morning
After searching for awhile I finally found the photo I'd promised to post for Jennifer and Ellen!

Mountain Morning was inspired by this spectacular Picture Jasper.  It sat on my desk for a long time because we just weren't sure how we were going to use it.  It called for really special Ridgelines pendant.

What's really cool is that this pendant so inspired Pat that she designed a new feature for it, that we've since used on a few other pendants.  As well as a hidden bail it has an extra clasp, similar to a pearl enhancer.  This fastens securely around the hand-knotted tiger eye beds.  This pendant is now in K.K.'s Collection.  So now she can wear it on the tiger eye beads or on her favorite chain!  Neat idea, huh?

And no Ellen.  We didn't make it to the Market Saturday!  My company came to town early and when Pat was ready to leave for the Market Asheville got hit with torrential rain.  At least I did pickle some sweet peppers.  It's a start.

I'm still having camera problems.  But we're not going to let that stop us from getting back to blogging.  Work might, but the camera won't!  Just as a teaser of what's to come here's, this photo was taken late this June.

Thirsty Sam at the Fountain

Special thanks to those that emailed and asked about us while we were so busy that we weren't posting.  As I said, all's well we were just working like crazy.  We still are for that matter!  But hopefully we're getting back in the habit again.