Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Yeah!

We've been so busy that, among other things, I forgot to post these . . .!

I think it was last Friday, right before the snowstorm hit, that we shipped this pendant off to A. H. via UPS (his choice).

Oxidized Ridgelines Pendant,
Red Fern Agate complimented by a Garnet,
 in Sterling Silver with 14K Gold accents.

Today, after I shipped A.'s bracelet for Nancy and Norman, Pat delivered "Night Falls on the Mountain",  J. T.'s Ridgelines Pendant, and the Earrings to compliment it.

Oxidized Ridgelines Pendant,
Garnet, Maramumba
(a very special type of Australian Tiger Eye;
which is very difficult to photograph),
and Amber, in Sterling Silver with 14K Gold accents.

The Earrings are Sterling Silver with 14K Gold accents,
the stones are bezel-set Amber

Another view of J.'s Pendant.

Normally I would just delete images with so much light reflection.  But I'm glad we have this one, because it better shows the deep subtle colors of the primary stone.  (Now I'm sorry that I didn't take the time to set up my scrims and play with it more.  It's such a pretty stone, and the Hematite in it is so reflective, that I'm sorry that I didn't take the time to set up my scrims and take a proper photograph of it!)


One of the greatest and most satisfying things about being self-employed jewelers is getting to create really special pieces for really special people.  When our work is a gift for someone that is loved and cared for so much then our work becomes even more special, and more energized.  Since we both are Official Santa AElf Helpers it is a lot of Fun too!!!

We have been very busy this year, and this Winter!  And we have been snowed in for a few days (and I want to post some of the photos I took on a wonderful late night walk Saturday).  So we worked!  And I still haven't had a chance to post the in progress photos I'd taken of some very special Christmas gifts that we got to help design and then make real.  (And I am still determined to post the work shots because some of them are that cool!!!)

We shipped one of them out via FedEx today.  (Our shipper of choice!)  Nancy L. had the idea for this bracelet for one of nieces.

Since they can't share Christmas morning together, this is for Nancy and Norman so they can see what A. will see when she opens her Loving Aunt and Uncle's package Christmas morning!

Hand inscribed Christmas 2009  Bauman 14K

Her bracelet is constructed of 14 karat yellow gold.  The base of the bracelet is 6 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick, and was textured with a .5 mm burr after all of the soldering was completed.  We used twelve inches of 3 mm tall 20 gauge 14K sheet to make the individual ridges, which are individually soldered in place.  The AA Emerald is 3.5 mm wide and is set in a 14K yellow four-prong head.  All of the edges are carefully rounded and smoothed so that no part of the bracelet will snag or pull on something.

Nancy's bracelet turned out beautifully!  It is even more stunning in person.  The proportions worked out perfectly!

We hope that A. will have a Very Merry Christmas and that she will wearher bracelet for many happy years and that she will think of her Loving Aunt and Uncle when she does.