Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red Sez . . .

My 29 gallon aquarium in the living room only has 9 Harlequin Rasboras and a ton of South East Asian plants in it.  Last weekend when I picked up some dried cat food, I took a look at the male Bettas in the store . . .

One of the Red guys really caught my eye.  He was very attentive and just beautiful.  And he told me that if I rescued him and gave him a new home he'd be beautiful and would protect us from all the "snailzs" in the world.

How could I refuse?  Besides he needed saving!

Red Sez:  See how betta~full I am?!?  Aren't I big and scary?!?
Now, SHHH!  Be Very Very Quiet, I'm hunting snailzs and I'm hiding behind these leaveses so they can't see me.