Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Rings

Here are some images of the beginning of a new commisssion; wedding bands for Heidi H. and David M.  Heidi fell in love with one of our asymmetrical Ridgelines ring designs when they were at Guild Crafts recently.

Her ring will be a size 7 and 1/2 and will feature an ice blue topaz, his will use the star ruby from his Father's ring.  We'll use the gold from his Father's ring to cast seperate Ridgelines plaques that we'll then solder into their rings.

David's ring will a size 13 and 1/2.  So here's Pat beginning to rough out his ring in carving wax.

A closer view of the rotary file.

The pink wax ring is the design of Heidi's ring that Pat is matching.  For David's ring we're scaling the whole design up to match his ring finger size.  To keep it all in scale we're enlarging the ring so it will be 10 millimeters wide at the top.

Here Pat is using one the hand gravers that were her Uncle Ambrose's.  Ambrose was a Master engraver, gunsmith and jeweler.

More hand work.  Here you can see how the surfaces have been refined.  Pat is using a graver to smooth the encised area where David's stone will eventually be set.

More hand work as Pat test-fits the star ruby from David's Father's ring.

It's been so long and we've been so busy that I haven't been updating our blog.  So to get started, here are a few recent images.  Next will be posts for Heidi H. and David M. as we work on their Wedding Bands!  As we go I hope to add even more images from the last few months . . .

Our friend Phil Brown,
at the end of the Southern Highland Craft Guild's October 2009 Fair.  Phil is a master bird carver, his wife Gaye is one of very favorite potters.  They're wonderful people and some of the best booth-neighbors anyone could ask for!  Pat and I think so highly of them, and of their hard-working family, that I am at a loss for words to describe them . . .

This piece of ours,

"Leaf in Shadow", is in the Guild's Permanent Collection!