Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Theatrical Faces and Commissions

The finished Theatrical Faces Pendant, delivered Monday!
(Once more photographed on a white background. 
I really have to get the camera's settings straightened out!)

We actually made it to the Market Saturday!  Lovely grilled scallops and lion's mane mushrooms with Pasta Mamma's rosemary pasta for dinner.  Yum!  More plants found their way home with us too.  The Ingles stores were having good sales on veggies and herbs . . .

We spent Saturday and Sunday planting.  Planting and planting.  I had almost finished re-working the sidewalk bed when the rain came.  So I have more purple basil and curly parsley waiting . . .

I'll deliver C.'s re-strung pearls today.  Violet's rings came out very well too!  Lots more photos to follow soon!