Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Count Down Fun! 0! WIld Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away . . .

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away . . .
Our friends Russ and Nan Jacobshon
pulling into the Civic Center's Arena before us.

3 1/2 Hours Later.
Tired & Satisfied. 

The new pendants are all photographed it's time to get back to the buffer.

Wonder how much I can get done in the next eleven or twelve hours ? ! ?

Three Hours Later . . .

Count Down Fun! 0 . . .

Photos to follow later ~ probably in a day or two.  The car's loaded with almost all of our display.  Loading the car is always kind of a Fun process. (You have to remember that I'm a self-trained professional and sometimes enjoy that type of three dimensional puzzle.)  The new step, for our display top, is made.  Our blue silk noir draping is fluffed and rolled and ready to go for the morning.  The plants for our booth are ready.  (Do you think we'd spend four days in the Civic Center without some of our plants with us???).   I cut new foam core spacers for the skirting/draping (and I'm so glad that I remembered to!).  Pat picked up another half-dozen pony clamps when she made her run out this afternoon.  We have clean clothes!

And I am still grinding and buffing.

And will be  .  .  .

If the alarm wasn't set and our Load-In window wasn't from 9 to 10 I'd be at the buffer until the sun came up ~ that'd actually make me feel better!  But I have to be able to function in the morning and then sit back down at the buffer once we're set up for the Fair.

At least I think I've worked out a schedule that will let me get everything I'd like to finished.  Work until 3 or 4 this morning.  Clean up and sleep.  Hope to be back in the studio by 1 tomorrow afternoon (and able to function).  If I leave one 3 hour batch for Thursday afternoon I might be able to get everything else done (the rest of the production finishing, photographing the pendants, making a couple of calls, and whatever else is on the list that isn't in front of me right now) and (hopefully!) be fairly coherent that morning.

We have so many beautiful pieces of jewelry so close to be ready to be unveiled, and I can hear them calling!  So it's back to the buffer.

If you're in Asheville this beautiful weekend please come by and see us!  And Terry, we really wish you and David could be here right now.  (We'd put you to work running the ultrasound!)