Friday, December 18, 2009

We're Really Snowed In!

I was hoping to begin catching up on our busy week with my last post.  I hope to come back to it, but I just have to jump into the sequence and say that, yes, I love DSL!  And we really are snowed in!

For those that haven't heard, the forecast was 7 - 15 inches for Asheville by tomorrow/Saturday morning . . .  This was the view out of our front door around 10 this morning . . .

See the footprints going to the steps?  I thought I just might have a chance of getting out and back safely with a new jug full of kerosene in case the forecasted power outages happened.  I made it as far as the back of the car saw the condition the road really was in and decided discretion was definitely the better part of valour!  We'll tough it out with what we have on hand.

We were as ready as you can ever be for a winter storm ~ food stocked up, propane for the grill, kerosene heater filled and ready on the porch, kerosene jug around 3/4 full.  Things that make Pat and I both feel prepared and better about the forecast.

I'm not sure why, but we both really like to be as prepared as we can be for situations like this.  Maybe because my Dad was a meteorologist?  Maybe because we both grew up watching natural disaster movies in grade school science classes?  Maybe because we were both Scouts?  I don't have a clue!  But I do know that we both feel better being prepared and we each are glad that the other feels the same way.

The view out of our front door just before 4 this afternoon . . .

Among other things, I spent a good part of the day dealing with AT&T.  It's a long story.  The short version is that I broke one of my cardinal rules and signed up for services via the phone, rather than online or in person . . .  Yep.  It was an outsourced third-party company.  When I had the chance to go online and double-check I discovered a number of things that just weren't right.

I was very fortunate to eventually be connected to Mrs. Lakisha Simpson!  She cheerfully solved each problem, double-checked every detail of our new bundled services, and made me smile and appreciate truly good customer service from someone that actually cares.  She was a joy to deal with and her help was thorough and very welcome.  Frankly this is the closest any company has ever come to the service provided by USAA ~ and that is saying something.

Thank you Mrs. Simpson!  Because of you I'm happy to stay an AT&T customer.

We both did get some work done, but the details and photos will have to wait 'til tomorrow.  I managed to get our service bundle straightened out.  When the power began flickering I remembered to bring the lamp oil and oil lamps in and to fill a couple of coolers and a bucket with water just in case.

Dinner was good and easy.  I got the DSL modem up and running, registered and so.  Then I went out to measure the snow because Pat and I have a little bet on about just how much snow we're actually going to get . . .

I measured 5 and 6 inches on the stoop where the snow had been blown off.

See the footprints???  See the slide mark?!?  That's where I measured 10", slipped and decided that discretion is the better part of valour!

The local news says over 15,000 homes were without power by 6 tonight.  There have been over 500 car wrecks reported, with more coming in literally every minute.  Interstates 40 and 26 are shut down.  So many motorists are stranded that the plows haven't been able to get through ~ and those are the folks I worry about.

We're safe and sound and warm.  And very very grateful.

Oh yeah, Mrs. Simpson discovered that our DTV/DVR installment hadn't even been scheduled!  So, even though we are snow-bound, theoretically, sometime between noon and 4 tomorrow someone will show up and take care of our installation. 

I think it's only fair to re-schedule our appointment . . .

The power just went off and then surged back on for the second time in a row!  It's time to post this and get off line.  If we have still have power tomorrow I'll continue updating the week and post photos of where we're at on some really exciting work!

A Fine Weekend

We've been working so much that I am way behind posting and keeping folks up to date.  So this one borrows Terry's title and starts with last weekend . . .  (eventually you'll see why!)

Last Saturday, the 12th, we were scheduled to be Jeannie's Visiting Artists at her gallery The Jeweler's Workbench,  The forecast was for some snow and significant ice accumulation.  We talked in the morning and all decided to be safe and just go ahead and cancel.

The very first batch of H1-N1 flu vaccine was finally available to the general public here in Buncombe County and they were doing mass inoculations at the Biltmore Square Mall.  So off we went hoping to get our swine flu shots before the storm hit.

First though we stopped at the Folk Art Center!  This is the first year the Guild has done the annual Christmas Seconds Sale over two Saturdays.  We did very well on at the first one this year, and we had a great time!  (We also loaded up on some wonderful Christmas Presents!)  The second Saturday, last weekend, was obviously just as good a day for the artists.  We had a good look around, visited with our friends.

I bought myself one of Marlow Gates wonderful cobweb brooms ~ I've been eyeing them for a couple of years and somehow just never got around to buying one.  And since it was a studio second I bought a great broom, that is badly needed, at a great price.  Check out Marlow and Diana's work at

Then off we went to get our vaccinations.  The line was so long that it was spooky!  So we grabbed a bite to eat (Chik-fila ~ terribly overpriced, sometimes decent, this time not; but it did help).  As we ate and watched, the line was shrinking quickly.

Then Alan Hollar and his family stopped to say hello!  Alan's an incredible woodturner.  (We first met through the Guild's Fair Committee; I was just starting with the Committee when he became the Committee Chair.  And he's a great at it!)  We've collected a couple of his jug-form turnings, and he and Evie have collected some of our work too.  Evie is a nurse and just flat out told us to get the shot no matter how long we had to wait.

Then David and Heidi stopped by to say hello!  They were wearing the wedding rings we had made for them and they were both smiling and all glowy.  They had had a good cruise and their rings looked great on them!

So we stood in line, spelling each other and walking around window-shopping.  I discovered an amazing sale at Dillards.  Pat checked it out too.  Then suddenly it was our turn!  It was only about an hour and a half from start to finish.

It was a little gray, but looked okay outside so we checked Dillards out.  Now, I actually like clothes.  I don't really like shopping for clothes though.  I don't know, but I'm starting to suspect shopping for "school clothes"as a kid has something to do with it . . .

They had men's shirts that were exactly the colors I really like, and that Pat likes me in.  I couldn't believe it, but the next thing I knew she had me trying on shirts and really shopping for clothes.  And I enjoyed it!  We both had a great time and I ended buying seven shirts and a new sweater that we both really like.

Between getting a late start, the wait, and shopping we ended up sending most of the day out rather than working.  And the storm never materialized!  Sunday Jeannie said everyone had stayed home anyway and she'd had a slow evening.