Friday, March 12, 2010

For L.'s Consideration ~ More Possibilities !

(Photographed on white paper under room lights ~ there's definitely some color drift!)

A new image of some possibilities because I forgot a Carnelain and the gorgeous Starry Jasper!

Clockwise from the top center:  Petrified Bali Coral, three Butterfly Agates, Bird's Eye Jasper, Maramuabe (an Australian Tiger Eye), small glowy Carnelian, Goldshine Obsidian, a pair of Crazy Lace Agates, Tiger Iron, a darker glowy Carnelian, and Starry Jasper.

Sprueing & A Surprise!

This is a custom ring's wax that Pat carved for The Jewelers Workbench
Here's the pattern for A's Anniversary Brooch
Pat pricks the pattern with a pin to transfer the design to the blue carving wax.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to sprue this piece . . .

There so much time in the carving that I want to ensure it casts perfectly!  I actually began sprueing this wax Wednesday, then decided I wasn't happy with it.  So I stopped and took a break.  These views are after I finished sprueing it Thursday . . .
I used three pieces of 6 gauge and one piece of 8 gauge wax sprueing wire.
Definitely better safe than sorry!

Thursday's high was only 52 degress; too cold to invest.  So I invested both flasks late this afternoon so they'd be ready to go in the kiln first thing in the morning!

I had to run to The Home Depot to pick up an extra bottle of oxygen.  Hmmm ~ gorgeous yellow primroses at the checkout for only $1.46.  They're such beautiful plants that I couldn't resist getting us one.  We may just have to go back for more!

Since I was out I swung by Ingles to pick up some ingrediants for dinner tonight (mussels fresh in from Maine with pasta).  For some reason as I strolled past the magazine section one caught my eye . . .  The April issue of Blue Ridge Country is out.  It's a special issue celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I picked it up thinking about recommending it to our writer Friend Tim W..  When I leafed through it I found the Guild's ad on page 15 . . .  And there was our first Ancient Seas pendant!!!

What a Fun Surprise!