Saturday, October 9, 2010

Count Down Fun! 10 . . .

Ten Days and Counting until the October Guild Fair!

We shipped a packet of Labradorites to Deb H. this morning, so she can see if one of them is the Right Stone for her engagement ring!  Unfortunately, because Monday is Columbus Day, she won't get them until Tuesday.  It's a Zen Mind thang . . .

I've gotten out for meetings at the Folk Art Center, but we both had a touch of cabin fever this morning.  So we took a nice sunny wandering drive with the car windows down, just enjoying the fresh clean air and the incredible light.  It worked wonders for us!

So here are some photos of our latest work!

Lapis Lazuli
Sterling and 14K
$375 ~ Now Available

Starry Jasper & Garnet
Sterling & 14K Accent
$250 ~ Now Available

$250 ~ Now Available at Allanstand

$250 ~ Now Available at Allanstand

Sterling & 14K Accents
$275 ~ Now Available

$250 ~ Now Available at Allanstand

$180 ~ Now Available

$225 ~ Now Available at Allanstand

Now Available ~ $175

Mara Mamba (Australian Tiger Eye)
Sterling with 14K Accents
$275 ~ Now Available at Allanstand

As you can see, we delivered a nice body of work to Allanstand, at the Folk Art Center.   As you can also see, I need to re-photograph some of them once I have a chance!  The new lights have helped though.

I almost forgot!  Here are a couple more . . .

Boulder Opal, Sapphire & Diamond
14K & Sterling
$750 ~ Now Available

Tiffany Stone
Sterling & 14K Accents
$225 ~ Now Available

We had a late lunch in the yard.  Pat spent a little time in the sunshine doing some design research.  I got to work getting the office back into shape and clearing the decks for action, got these photos cropped and posted.

Next I'm going to take a little time to update our badly out of date Guild members' web pages, while Pat gets some new earring design play time in the studio.  (This morning we decided that we were working today and taking tomorrow off.  After our drive and lunch we decided that we're working tomorrow and taking today off.  You can see what we both think is a good time on a day off!!!)

Ten Days and Counting . . .

Count Down Fun! 11 . . .

Photos Tomorrow.  No.  Really!!!

So, somehow, we have two weeks of photos, work, and life backlogged.  We haven't posted in how long?!?  Yet here we are and somehow the countdown has already started  .  .  .

We have eleven [ 11 ] working days before Load-In for the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands.  (I said that rather calmly, while I think somewhere deep inside myself I heard, "Eek!")  It's about to get, um, interesting.

It is also going to be very very rewarding.  The reality is that it's going to be physically harder than I would like.  (I'm already afraid that I'll meet "The Wall" again at some point . . . )  But it's going to be worth it!  When the October Guild Fair opens, the morning of Thursday the 21st, we'll be set up and ready.

We delivered a sizable body of work to Allanstand, at the Folk Art Center, today.  (I hope to post those photos tomorrow!)

What still amazes and astounds me is that, despite today's delivery, in the space of a couple of months we have designed, created and literally made real, what the art world might call, "a Major Body of Work".  Most of our larger Ridgelines pendants are finished, a few are still works in progress.  Four major commissioned pieces will be ready to be picked up at the Fair too.  Of course, quite a bit of the supporting production work is patiently waiting! 

It really is going to be Fun.  Being able to concentrate exclusively and so intensely on our work always is Fun!  But it's going to take some serious discipline to make up for all of the time that we have both been devoting to our other Guild responsibilities recently.

I'm looking forward to the point when, in the middle of the night, I look down at the office table and see a collection of finished work that we have made together.  That moment in time still astounds me.  It amazes me.

There's also a sculpture that I've been working on for a very long time.  I am sooo close to having the wax ready to cast in bronze . . .  It will be so personally satisfying to see and hold that piece once it's finished . . .

Oh, I almost forgot!  We'll be unveiling our new, limited edition, Seasonal Botanicals at the October Guild Fair!!!  (And Terry thinks I'm going to show her the photos I haven't taken yet?  HA!)