Thursday, December 10, 2009


Goodness we've been busy!  When we've posted it's mainly been about custom work, or something unusual.  Our work life continues to be busy, and busy is good!  We have more custom work than we've documented here.  And lots happening with our own work too!

Lets see . . .  Last Saturday we were doing the Guild's annual Christmas Sale at the Folk Art Center from 10 AM until 4 PM.  The forecast was for cold and snow.  We saw the first snow flake as I was opening the car door for Pat!  It was perfect Christmas weather.  The roads were damp but safe and we had a nice snowfall until early in the afternoon.  There wasn't really any accumulation, but it sure was pretty.

The Sale itself was a lot of Fun!  (It always is.)  We stayed busy all day.  But we still had a little time to visit with some of our Guild Friends and catch up.  And we had the chance to get to know some other Guild artists better.

It was a good day.

This Saturday we'll be at The Jeweler's Workbench in Waynesville.  Jeannie has been wonderful to us and we both always look forward to being her Visiting Artists.  Pat does her repairs, and we do a lot of custom work for her too.  It'll be nice to see Jeannie and Tee.  Now, if only the weather will hold!

We have orders to fill for three galleries, and lots more custom coming along before  Christmas.  But yesterday I went outside for a minute before lunch.  Then I had to get Pat out of the studio just to see what a beautiful day it was . . .

She looked at me and sent me outside to plant the bulbs that have been waiting.  (Oh no!  Forced to be outside on a December day when it's 61 degrees out!)  I planted 74 early snow crocus and 100 more crocus in the hillside bed!  Then I planted 5 more King Alfred daffodils and 54 more of the miniature wild tulips I love so much in the long bed beside the sidewalk.

I finally got the Greek Oregano my old Friend Brad A. gave me a couple of decades ago moved.  Got the rest of the pansises and the three red mustard plants in too.  Heck I even got the long bed mulched and the fountain cleaned out and the pump put away for the Winter.  It's a good thing too, because when I went out this morning the water was frozen solid!

Back to work.  Even if I don't get them cropped and posted I did at least get photos so we'll know where everything is in the Spring.

It's going to be a Glorious Spring!