Monday, June 14, 2010

Special Work

Appalachian Spring
Appalachian Spring has been on exhibit for the last year in Washington D.C.
at the Appalachian Regional Commission.  It just came back home to us last week.

This custom pendant, designed by Pat and Jeannie Tracie, of The Jeweler's Workbench fame, is being delivered today.
It is constructed of 14 K Gold, Sterling Silver, and hand set Diamonds.  The mountains were textured with a .5 mm burr and the background is oxidized with our favorite jewelers' Silver Black.  (As these two photos show somehow the camera's white balance setting is still not right!)

We've been very busy these last couple of weeks.  I spent a few days on some work for the Guild's Board.  It takes time but it really feels good to be able to help such an incredible and unique organization.  We had a great time at the annual Clay Day at the Folk Art Center.  The pots that we each glazed for the raku firing turned out beautifully!

In the midst of all of our work we've been spending the weekends working on the yarden some more.  Despite how much we have to get done, I took a couple of days last week to finish the trellis project.  We had bought two climbing vines at the Market a couple of weeks ago and they've been growing like crazy.  Since I promised Laura P. and Laure S. here are some before and after views.

The view from the bench three weeks ago, new plants being watered in.

The view Sunday morning after even more plants went in and we mulched.
Only three bags of mulch to go!  The lettuce has been replaced with more coleus.

Here's the bench and Inky three weeks ago.  Mandevillas and tropicals behind it.

The bench and new trellis this weekend.

We re-mulched the paths to the wildflower area too.
The two cherry tomatoes still need to be potted up!

After I strolled through the yarden taking pictures I found Inky holding my place!

It's already over eighty degrees today and by now the wax pot should be ready for me to get to work on waxes for the July Guild Fair!  Since the wax needs to be just over 160 degrees to flow well it's going to be a warm day in the office!  But I know that at the end of the day it's going to be beautiful and cool in the yarden.  I just hope Inky and Sam will share the bench with me . . .