Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Veritable Plethora of Labradorite Ridgelines Pendants!

Here are a few photos of some of the Ridgelines Pendants that we've made in the last few years using Labradorite and Spectrolite.  The best ones have incredible luminous colors.

(Graphic Content Warning!  I took these photos for our own reference and record.  So most of them were taken pretty quickly and really aren't very good photos!)

We know that Deb loves the blues, but we thought it would be Fun to show you the golds and greens too!  (I can't find photos of the rosy and purple ones.)



Mountain Lake II

Lightning Strikes Twice

Doorway Into Time

Spring Rain

(This is a Rainbow Moonstone.)

(This is also a Rainbow Moonstone.)

Phoenix Eye
(Another Rainbow Moonstone.)

I guess you can understand why we have a couple of Collectors that call us Mr. and Mrs. Labradorite when they visit us at the Guild Fairs in July and October!

Hope you've enjoyed the trip down Labradorite Memory Lane!

Shipped & Wedding Rings & Still To Come

Now we can post Kathy's new Ridgelines Pendant since we shipped it Tuesday!
This is the Starry Jasper she picked.
The marcasite she wanted accent her new pendant perfectly!

Tuesday we also got to meet Debbie H. for the first time.  We'd exchanged emails about wedding rings and engagement ring designs.  Besides having a great time talking and beginning to get to know each other, it was really helpful to see what type of designs she favours.  (What's not to like about a real horse person!)

I have to invest a couple of flasks this morning, but later today I'll post a number of  pieces we've made using Labadorite, and it's relative Spectrolite.  The range of colors, and their intensity, is amazing.

Until then, here are a few photos of some of our Ridgelines Rings.  (And now I realize that the other Ridgelines rings never got photographed!)


Peridot, Oxidized


Blue Topaz

Our "V-Swoop" Ring

This style, with a stone nestled into the "V"
was made for Kevin J.'s engagement ring.

She said "Yes!"

I don't know why I didn't before now, but I only began photographing some of our custom work in the last year or so.

These matched bands were based on the happy couples' design ideas
and feature stunning bezel set sapphires.

Heidi and David's Wedding Rings were a lot of Fun to make!
Ridgelines Wedding Rings with cast-in-place 14K Yellow Gold Ridgelines Plaques.

Rings are Fun. 

Creating and making the very real and lasting symbols of two people's love and devotion is the best part of being a jeweler.  Maybe that's why Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings might just be our favorite jewelry to make!