Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today & "Yesterday"

Today we suddenly realized our clematis was sending out shots!

And I realized that I forgot to photograph J.T.'s new Fern Pendant!

I got the long bed cleaned up a couple of weeks ago. 
I don't know if it's squirrels or robins that are digging ito the new mulch.

We were so busy last Fall that we didn't get to a lot of the yard work.
So we still have a lot to do to get the yarden ready for Spring . . .

All of the plants Pat put into the new sedum area survived! 

Today we found the very first blood roots thrusting their way up. 

The two always seem to be our first red trilliums ready to bloom. 

We're getting the itch, and it's almost time, but there is a reason
we haven't gotten all of the leaves off of the perennial bed . . . 

Oh.  What about "yesterday"???

How about a year ago today?

But no matter what,
Spring is coming!!!