Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a White Christmas !!!

It's been snowing all day.  Lovely tiny flakes falling and falling!  We're stocked up and snowed in and loving a lovely Christmas home together.

No idea how much snow we've actually gotten now . . .  It doesn't matter though.  We're snowed in!

At least until tomorrow when Santa AElf Helper goes to Best Buy to exchange the SATA adapter card!  Oh yeah, we'll almost certainly be out sometime tomorrow.  Maybe.

For now though, we're staying put, warm inside ad almost time to begin cooking.  Well, maybe after a snack or two . . .

Merry Christmas to all and may yours be as filled with Love and Light as ours!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

There Arose Such A Clatter!

I heard strange noises coming from the living room . . .

What could it be??? 

Is it . . . ? 

Handsome Sammy Santa AElf Helper!!! 

"Better hurry Dad.  Mom's coming!" 

J.T.'s Christmas Ridgelines Pendant

Even though we've been working like crazy, and I haven't photographed most of the special commissions we've made this Winter, we have taken a little time for ourselves!

Last weekend Jeannie held her chef-catered Christmas Party at a small intimate 4 bedroom vacation rental in Maggie Valley.  She was sweet enough to gift us with a night there so that we could enjoy the party, and the good wine and not have to drive home!

Our morning coffee view of the great water feature! 

Pat's finishing up in the studio now, and I'm heading out to ship
the last Christmas Commission! 
A Very Special Labradorite Brooch.
Sterling Silver Ridgelines and Life Cast Stone Crop.

The last of this year's Botanical.  There will be more in the New Year!!!

Merry Christmas To All!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fresh From The Studio!

Botanical Ridgelines Pendant
Life Cast Bronze Fern
on a bezel set Labradorite

Sterling Silver Life Cast Fern
on a bezel set Labradorite
(middle of the fern has shadows, darn it!)

Ridgelines Pendant 
Bezel Set Labradorite
(much bluer than appears in this photo!)

Ridgelines Pendant 
An intense blue Labradorite, bezel set.

Hard to believe that it's been about a month since we last posted . . .  Jeepers, time really does fly!  All is well ~ we've just been a bit busy.  Hope you enjoy this peak at the newest pendants that were finished today!

It's beginning to feel like Christmas is coming!!!  The Guild Christmas Sale was a lot of Fun and a great success!  We'll be going back to do more shopping this Saturday.  But first, if work allows, we hope to be able to head to Gatlinburg Friday.  Arrowcraft is hosting their open house for the opening of the Jewelery Focus!  It's always Fun, we'll get to catch up with our friends there and join in on the wonderful potluck.

Christmas . . .  Yum!