Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Leola & New Work

(Belated) Happy Birthday Aunt Leola !!!

I photographed our Yellow Lady Slipper blooming just for you yesterday.  Pat and I hope that your Birthday was Wonderful and filled with Love and lots of Family!  (Thank you Tina for showing her this page!)

I'm sorry that I didn't get this photo posted until today!  Carl, Pat's son,  gave this beautiful plant to her years ago.  This year we have five stalks with three blooms!

I'm still having trouble with the camera's settings; which is why the backgrounds in the next photos are different tones.  Here are some of the pendants that we delivered to Allanstand, at the Folk Art Center, last week.

Full Moon
Fossilized Bali Coral and Fresh Water Pearls.

Picasso Jasper with 14 K Gold accents.

Falling Water #3
Crysocolla, Boulder Opal and Emerald.

Close up details

Ancient Seas
Boulder Opal, Chrysoprase, and Fresh Water Pearls, with 14 K Gold accent.

Doorway Into Time
Labadorite with Fresh Water Pearls.

Night Falls on the Mountain
Australian Maramumba (an Australian Tiger Eye with Heatite and Jasper) with 14 K Gold Accents.

Hope that you enjoyed this glimpse of what we've been working on lately!  Back to work for me.  We have lots to do before the Gatlinburg Fine Arts Fetival next weekend and lots of new ideas to explore!

Just like our Sugar Snap Peas we're reaching for the sun!