Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mz. Fanzy Pantz & Picasso Jasper

One mystery is solved . . .  We left the camera's charger at Pat's Dad's in Colorado!  It's on the its way home now.  Which is Good News.  So it only seems fitting to share some photos from our visit with Terry and David at Moondance Ranch.  The incomparable
Mz. Fanzy Pantz
and her friends.  She's as sweet as she is gorgeous.  We meet them when Terry and David introduced us to their neighbor . . .

and one of the herds' guard Great Pyrenees,

and the Guard Lama.  Like an Old West gunslinger, a piece of straw dangled from her mouth through our whole visit.

No visit could be complete without paying homage to Boomer the Magnificent!  (Sorry Reggie and Paj, but somehow your stall photos didn't come out!)

We have lots of work in progress now, and no photos of any of them!  Pat finished K.K.'s new Starry Jasper and Marcasite pendant yesterday.  It's really spectacular!  I'll post a photo of it as soon as I can re-charge the camera.  Actually, I'll post photos of the other five new pendants then too!

Until then here's Stormy Morning a Picasso Jasper pendant we made early this Spring. 
Like Mountain Morning, it features both a hidden bail and a handmade pearl enhancer-style fastener.