Thursday, March 18, 2010

Synchronicity & Passages

While dinner* is finishing in the oven and Pat is relaxing I thought I'd take a couple of minutes and post the new earring designs that we finished earlier this week.  (These are not good, studio quality, photos but they'll serve for now as a record for us.)

As we were eating lunch in the yarden this afternoon a hawk was calling somewhere in the wooded valley behind us.  Pat reminded me that it was about time for our pair of passage hawks to stop by for a visit.  As soon as she said that I looked up and there one of them was cruising above our street heading to the open air at the end of the knoll that our road ends on!

It got up to 59.4 degrees today.  Finally warm enough to invest the two flasks that I have ready!!!   One is loaded with production earrings and small pendants.  The other one has a special piece for Pat M. and a number of larger pieces that will become new pendants.  It's exciting.  They'll be going into the kiln first thing in the morning.

Talk about small worlds and synchronicity ~ I had been thinking about Nancy L. earlier today.  She called just as I was about to invest!  We'll meet up for lunch next Tuesday when we go to Gatlinburg to deliver Arrowcraft's order.  It's always so nice to see Nancy, and it will be fun to have a chance to just sit down and talk and catch up!

We both have a lot of work to do before then.  But if the forecast is correct and it really does get up to 68 Saturday we'll be outside getting some play time in.  Er, I meant work time tending our neglected yarden!  There's a lot to do and even though I'm planning to burnout and cast again Saturday I suuspect that we'll both be outside regardless of the temperature.

I photographed some of our new crocus before we stopped for lunch today.  I planted these late last Fall.  There are a few hundred more of them to come and quite a few Tulipa kaufmanniana, one of my favorites.  In this area we have a mix of sixty crocus and thirty-six various Tulipa kaufmanniana.

Oh dinner*?  Last night left over killer "chilli" turned into AElvish Macaroni and Cheese tonight . . .  mixed with finely grated double gloucester, mozarella, an increedible Spanish sheep cheese and parmigiano reggiano regiano and rotini pasta.  Since I just pulled it out of the oven Pat's making us a nice little spinich salad and slicing some wonderful bread.  It's time to eat!