Friday, February 19, 2010

Before & After and Spring is Coming!!!

Here is a "before" photo of one of the pieces that Pat M. commissioned for last Christmas. (I'm still hoping to eventually 'catch up' and post more about them!)
After making some changes for the recipient:

I took this yesterday as proof and a reminder for us that Spring really is coming!!!

This morning sharp-eyed Pat spotted the first of the Trilliums coming up!

This is River Fern, the first in a new series of our Ridgelines jewelry that we will be exploring in greater depth this year!
The oval Ridgelines is cast in Sterling Silver and oxidized.  The fern is cast in Silicon Bronze and it accented with Black Onyx.  The river pebble, from one of our favorite spots, was coated so that it will always look wet and shiny.  It is set in a step bezel.  The frame is Sterling Silver with a 14 K Gold accent.

This is the very first pendant in one of the new series that we are so excited about! Today it warmed up to 45 degrees. Soon it will be warm enough for Tom to cast those two flasks of new pieces that have been waiting so impatiently for well over a month now!!!