Friday, May 14, 2010

Sneak Peak

A quick sneak peak at two of our newest jewelry explorations before we head off for the Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival !

Christmas Fern

Budding Dianthus

The first fern and lichen pendants were named Reflections.  At this point we're leaning toward Botanical Ridgelines.  Have a Great Weekend!

Good Intentions . . .

Well, despite my Good Intentions it's been a week since I last posted . . .  Of course that just means we've been busy.  Very busy!!!

We're heading to Gatlinburg tomorrow.  Except for packing the car we're ready for the Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival!  Friday night is the "A Night with the Artists" party, catered by the Ripley's Aquarium's Executive Chef ~ need I say more?

Last year's party was pretty amazing.  Great food, and a good time.  (You call that "heavy hors d'oeuvres"???  I'd call it two meals!)  Amazing chocolates too . . .  This year the location has changed.  What was once the banquet room at the Aquarium is now the new penguin exhibit!  Since the last meeting was canceled (because the Festival Committee was so on top of things) I'm going to make sure to finally get some photos of the really neat penguin environment.  (I want a sun room roof with moving water on top of it.  Really.  You'll see what I mean next week!)

Nope, no new photos up yet.  But I will be photograph our newest work in the morning.  This is the new evolution of our Ridgelines series.  Sort of a natural growth . . .

I was taking an afternoon break a couple of weeks ago and was sitting on our bench looking at the world.  My focus shifted and I really started to see what was right in front of me.  When I came in I showed Pat what I'd seen and told her about what I was thinking of trying.  Of course she said, "That's Cool!  Do it!  Make it real!"

We're unveiling the first of our Botanical Reflections at the Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival Saturday.  We're looking forward to seeing what folks think and what Laurel and Craig and Emily and all of our friends at Arrowcraft think!

Photos up soon!