Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick Update

This is a view of the Ridgelines that will be gold in David's wedding ring.

The ring is sprued and polished and ready for molding!  Any blemish no matter how small or insignificant will be in the mold, so everything has to be as perfect as possible.

This is where I left off early Wednesday evening.  The weather was bad and traffic terrible, especially with all of the traffic detouring because of the I-40 closure.  So I stopped early and drove us to make our Weaverville delivery.

Today has been an adventurous day!  Pat is heading up a sub-committee of the Guild's Education Committee and is just beginning what may turn into a really neat long term project.  Their first meeting was this morning.  Unfortunately on her way home she locked her keys in the car!  And, for some reason, our home phone is acting up again.  The wait for a cab was going to be more than an hour.  So she decided to walk to the branch library and email me.

Only I was being good and wasn't online, I was working on the mold!  Fortunately one of our kind friends at Guild Crafts gave her a lift home.  So we had a late lunch, talked for a bit.  Then off she went in a cab to get the car.  Whew.  We were both off course for a good part of the day.  But all's well.

The mold came out beautifully!  Here's a view from master to wax on top of my notes for this mold.

I'm running about half a day behind where I want to be right now.  So tomorrow morning I'll be slicing and dicing waxes, spruing both rings together and the gold Ridgline sections also.  Then investing and burning both flask out.  Once they get into the kiln I'll come back and post more detailed photos of the mold making and cutting process.

Since he's on my lap right now purring and wanting a cuddle, here's a photo of Sam being a wild cave tiger early this April.