Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Decisions Decisions . . .

It's time to get really busy! We have a number of custom and commissioned pieces that we're working on. We're a month away from making our first delivery to Bellagio Art to Wear and we have orders from three of our Guild Shops to fill.

This is the beginning of an exciting run. We both really enjoy what we do. Some of the most Fun we have is deciding what stones we're going to use, and how we're going to use them!

Here's an overview of some of the stones that we're considering. These were purchaed at the Franklin Wholesale Gem Show this July.

Pat thinking about some of our other stones. "What do you think about . . . ?"

Tom examing even more stones.

The stones that we selected for this run!

Closer views of the twenty-two stones we'll be using first! There is some color drift in these images and some of them will be facing in different directions ~ they can look so different from different angles.

These stones are from some of our favorite cutters, and a couple are from a family of cutters that we have just begun buying from. We work with a lot of faceted stones too, but these cabs are the ones that are exciting to us right now. Since each is a unique stone the next step is making bezels for each one.