Monday, October 18, 2010

Count Down Fun! 2! Ouch . . .

Saturday's late night casting really did me in.  As in ouch, and I need more sleep!  Yesterday got to a much slower start than it should have for the amount I still have to do.  This is my view from the bench as I ate breakfast

Wow.  Look at those shapes and textures! 

What movie does this remind you of? 
"Feed me suckers!"

Sedums' in Fall bloom. 

There's a cute new girl in town  .  .  .

Our new neighbor came to visit from two houses away.

Ah, Mom, what's that

That's my Mom you litlle furball! 

Hi Handsome. 

He hissed at me!!! 

Don't feel too bad for the cute little girl.  Inky was off protecting the borders and poor Sam was so weirded out by the strange oblivious interloper that he ended up running inside to get away from her!  She tried to go in with him.

Day 3's castings came out well.  Spent the day spruing, investing then burning out two flasks.  As you guessed, my late start meant I poured at 12:30 last night.  Ouch.

They're pickling in the ultrasound right now.

I figure I've got a little more than twenty hours of grinding and buffing to go, before we oxidize and put ear wires on.  Ouch.