Monday, February 22, 2010

J.T.'s Earrings and Commissions

We had wonderful weather over the weekend!  It actually hit 62 Sunday and we were able to spend a little bit of time outside, once we finished up some work.  Here are the earrings that Pat finished for J.T. . . .
They are oxidized Sterling Silver with Niobium wire wrapped around the dangle as a nice color accent. with four prong mounted Garnets.

As I was photographing them this morning A.P. came by with a deposit for his commission.  It's an interesting one!  (And is an example of how time flys!)  Ten years ago we made their wedding bands.  Five years ago he had us make his Fifth Wedding Anniversary gift for her.  And now we are making his Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gift!

Here are the initial designs Pat skectched after we first spoke with him.  He decided on design number 8, with 10 2.5 mm Rubies in Sterling Silver.  It's going to be a lovely brooch!

Now, I have to get back to minding the kiln!  With this warmer weather I have to use every chance I have to get some castings done!  Right now I have the two flasks in that have been waiting so long.  I'm looking forward to seeing them in metal!  These pieces will be some of the first for our new River Ridgelines series and I'll be casting them in Silicon Bronze.

I have at least one more commission piece to cast and finish before next Monday.  Since the Guild's Board meeting is tomorrow and I'll be at an all day Fair Committee meeting (as the Board's Rep) Wednesday I won't have a chance to even think about casting again until Friday!

Time sure flys when you're having Fun !!!

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