Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shaking Off The Cobwebs

We've been Lucky . . .  We had a couple of days in a row at or near eighty degrees.

Sam loved it.

The red trillium have really begun to open up. 

The blood root is actually almost done blooming already. 

I think this is the best our trout lilies have ever bloomed. 

The oconnee bells I divided from Dad's clump are magnificent! 

Trilliums in the shade. 

My baby lettuce seedlings are coming along quickly and the lettuce starts I put out are beginning to take off. 

We've gotten the beds cleaned out, the last of the leaves are gone, and the fountain is back in business! 

Of course there's a freeze warning for tonight . . .

Lunch is over so it's back to the studio.  Today I'm desprueing and grinding the four new bronze ferns.  It's a lot of work too, because I really oversprued them ~ then again I spent so much time working on them that I was determined that they would cast well!

We have lots more in the works.

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