Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jewelry Focus & the Guild Artists' Holiday Sale !

We've been hard at work, designing and making jewelry.  I have no idea how the months have flown past so swiftly, but here we are getting ready for Christmas already!  Fortunately the weather has been very mild.

It was so pretty just a couple of weeks ago that we had to take an afternoon off and go for a nice leisurely drive . . .
Since then we've been working . . .
Pat has finished our new Fleeting Moments for Arrowcraft's annual Jewelry Focus.  Once I get them photographed, and posted, I'll be shipping them off to Gatlinburg!

Then, this coming Saturday, we'll be at the Folk Art Center for the Guild Artists' Holiday SaleThen it will really begin to feel like Christmas is coming!!!  It's such a Fun day for everyone.  Guild artist will be selling their end of the year overstock and seconds.  There are such amazing deals that we always seem to get some serious shopping in ourselves!  (To give you some idea, any seconds or discontinued work we have is 50% off and any overstock we still have is 30% off!)

It's going to be a lot of Fun!


  1. I really like the photo of you on the sidebar.

  2. Thanks Terry! If you click on it you can take a look at some more of our photos on flickr!